Mores and Christians Pollença

mores and christians pollensa


Villas Pollensa Can Suavet are ideally situated in Pollensa town which hosts a number of festivals in addition to the ones in nearby towns. But if we had to choose the best one it has to be “Los Moros y Cristianos” ( mores and christians pollensa ).

This festival is held on the 2nd of August which is the “Mare de Deu Angels” patron’s day and in remembrance of a victory over an invading pirate named “Dragut “who attacked the town on 30 May 1550.


At 5.00am the band in Pollensa played “La Alborada” and many locals and tourists alike listened in silence so as to give the band a round of applause when the y stopped playing.

And after the street party that went on throughout the day and at 19.00 the best part started for the tourists. The people from Pollensa put on a re-enactment of the battle between the Mores and Christians each person dressing up in costume. The people who play the 2 main roles of Joan Mas y Dragut are elected by the people of the town beforehand.

At the end of it all when Joan Mas and the Christians have repelled the pirate invaders the people of Pollensa congregate at the church to give thanks to the Patron for the victory.


Without doubt it’s a festival without equal with a great amount of emotion fun and even moments of tension. This festival can leave no one unmoved and we think it’s the best festival to see in the town.

Villas Pollensa Can Suavet has 2 houses in the same area. One is within walking distance of the festival where you can see all of it, the other is only a 5 minute drive away. They are boith ideslly situated to enjoy this and other festivals.


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